LPM LaunchPad™ Certificate in Fundamentals of Legal Project Management


Certificate of Completion

By completing either of our online LPM courses, you receive a certificate of completion.   

LPM LaunchPad™  Certificate in Fundamentals of Legal Project Management

We are the only organization teaching LPM that has developed a sophisticated on demand, e-learning LPM course.  This course teaches the same tools and techniques as in the live program, but in a convenient, interactive, online format.  Building upon a foundational understanding of legal project management (LPM), lawyers and other legal professionals will learn how to integrate project management principles, skills, processes and behaviors into their management of legal matters on a day-to-day basis. Using case studies of actual legal matters, our rigorous online program enables lawyers/legal professionals to develop the skills needed to achieve clear and measurable productivity and efficiency improvements in their legal work, resulting in enhanced ability to budget, predict and manage costs and fees associated with legal matters.

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